Cheesecake - Family & Party Sized

Family Size:

 Original: $18.00

Flavors : $21.00-$24.00

Party Size:

Original: $29.00

Flavors: $32.00-$36.00*

*ask about special orders 

Original New York Style

Can be topped with Strawberry | Cherry | Raspberry | Blueberry  | Praline


Raspberry Swirl | Apple(Seasonal)| Blueberry Swirl | Key Lime(Seasonal) | Lemon  | Strawberry Swirl


Almond Amaretto | Rum with Praline and Pecan Topping (Special Order) 

Chocolate Lovers 

Oreo Chocolate l Chocolate Chip | Chocolate Mocha | Fudge Brownie |  Fudge Swirl | German Chocolate | Milk Chocolate |  Turtle

Sugar Free

7" Sugar Free Original | 7" Sugar Free Fudge Swirl 
Mini Sugar Free Original | Mini Sugar Free Fudge Swirl

Cheesecake Specialties

Cheesecake by the Slice

Original cheesecake that can be topped with Strawberry | Cherry | Raspberry | Blueberry| Praline toppings

Cheesecake Bars

A variety of flavors, including Fudge Brownie, Lemon, and Carrot Cake with cream cheese frosting  
Flavors Available  Seasonally 

Cheesecake Cupcakes

Chocolate or Original cheesecake that can be topped with Strawberry | Cherry | Raspberry | Blueberry | Praline toppings
Flavors Available Seasonally 


A tray of a dozen multiple flavor bite-sized cheesecakes

Mini Boston Cream Cheesecakes

Two layers of New York style cheesecake with Boston Cream filling and chocolate ganache topping